How to perform preventive maintenance on slurry pumps based on external performance indicators.
Identifying signs of wear in your slurry pump early allows for preventive maintenance, which is far more efficient than emergency repairs.
Related knowledge about slurry pump 2 --- characteristics of centrifugal slurry pump
The centrifugal slurry pump is the most common and widely used type of slurry pump. Like other centrifugal pumps, the centrifugal slurry pump also uses the rotating impeller to act on the slurry and convert the energy into the potential energy and kinetic energy of the slurry to achieve the purpose of transportation.
Related knowledge about slurry pump 1- Slurry and its characteristics
About slurry pump, we must know what's slurry, and its characteristics. Slurry actually refers to a mixture of liquid and some solids that are insoluble in the liquid. Factors such as the type, size, shape and content of solid matter comprehensively determine the physical properties and flow characteristics of the slurry.
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We can provide spare parts for various types of slurry pumps for customers to replace wet parts
We can provide spare parts for various types of slurry pumps to facilitate customers to replace wet parts. 22 years old slurry pump high chromium wear parts casting manufacturers,ISO9001、14000 certification. We have a set of mold, casting, heat treatment, processing, assembly as one of the complete production line. A05、A07、A33、A49、A61
Common models of AH / AHR slurry pumps
The following is AH /AHR series slurry pump common modeals: 1.5/1B-AH(R),2/1.5B-AH(R),3/2C-AH(R),4/3D-AH(R), 4/3C-AH(R,6/4E-AH(R),6/4D-AH(R),8/6F-AH(R),  8/6E-AH(R),
What factors should be considered when choosing a mining slurry pump?
When selecting the right slurry pump for the mining industry, engineers typically consider the following factors: 1. Conditions of the working site: ground, liquid, high-voltage electricity, etc.; 2. Characteristics of waste/sludge: abrasion resistance, PH value, temperature, etc.; 3. Head, Flow; 4. The size of the pump;
Types of mining pumps -- different working purposes
Common mining pump types include: Submersible pumps, Centrifugal pumps, Diaphragm pumps, Sludge pump ,mud pump,Slurry pumps. Pumps move water, slurry or sludge from one area to another.
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